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That’s correct. As part of Bingo Cafe’s continual mission to bring players closer to winning thousands of dollars in real cash prizes and online. Bingo Cafe is giving away one free $30 sign-up bonus (no credit card or deposit required) – for bingo and slots – to every new registered player that downloads Bingo Cafe’s and completes their Bingo Cafe registration.

With that being said, if you’d like to see concrete evidence that playing at Bingo Cafe can (and does) bring sudden economic windfalls, then have a look at the following testimonials from actual Bingo Cafe winners…

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carmelle81  won  over  $5,000  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Hiii, my name’s carmelle81 and I play at Bingo Cafe. I’ve been there for over 4 years. This site is phenomenal with its 3D experience – there’s nothing like it. I’ve tried several sites and no site is visually pleasing like this one is. Not only is it visually pleasing, it’s pocket pleasing. I’ve cashed out over $5,000 just this year alone. I like playing here. I’m a stay-at-home mom. It’s easy for me to get my entertainment while having lots of fun. And, my daughter actually enjoys looking for those purple bingo cards to pop up – cause when I yell BINGO, everybody’s happy. Get to Bingo Cafe at Don’t hesitate. Sit at my table. Let’s start ‘jackpoting’ together. ”
– carmelle81
MegaDiane9  won  $3,000  on    at  Bingo Cafe

Have you ever wanted to play bingo from the comfort of your own home? Well with Bingo Cafe, your dreams can come true. The games starting from as little as 10 cents a game and that includes Bingo Bonanza’s bonuses, jackpots – all to win cash. And I can’t forget the fabulous Mega [inaudible], played every day for $1,000 – which I’ve won three times. I’m Diana Lidbetter and I’ve been playing for around 6 months. And if you’re after a friendly, happy site where your withdrawals take just a number of days, and on your first deposit, you’ll receive a bonus of 300%, you’ll be sorry if you didn’t visit Bingo Cafe. ”
– MegaDiane9
crash274  won  $1,800  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Hi! This is crash274 talking to you today about bingo. That’s right! I play bingo – online, at home, sitting on my deck. The site that I play at is I love it! Not just bingo, casino side games, chat games, free games, all sorts of games! Real money, real prizes. You gotta give it a try. It’s the best. I have won $250, $500, like $1,800 once, and one day I’m gonna get that big jackpot. Give it a try if you love bingo! Bye everybody! See ya later. ”
– crash274
JadeSwan  won  $1,700  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Hi! I’m JadeSwan and I’m a mad bingo player. My most favourite place to play bingo is It’s online so I can watch my kids, do my housework, and play bingo – all at the same time. I’ve been playing here for about 5 years because the games are real, the money is real, and the players are real. I’ve won three jackpots – biggest was $1,700 US. But that’s not the only good thing about this place. The CM’s are so friendly you’re never going to wanna leave. So come and make a small deposit and play with us today at ”
– JadeSwan
ktisdro1  won  $1,340  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Yea, one would have to say that [Bingo Cafe] is the best game. I’ve won two jackpots. One for a thousand. One for about $340. And… I’ve been playing for a little over 12 months. I’ve got me birthday presents. I get plenty of gifts from the team. The CM’s are great! Love the game – can’t say anymore. Everyone on there is very friendly. Yea and for those that don’t know, ktisdro1 is here. And bring on them jackpots! Ciao… ”
– ktisdro1
Sherpa0358  won  $1,134  on    at  Bingo Cafe

Hi Bingo Cafe! It’s Sherpa0358 here and I’d just like to say a big thank you for the win I had last week on Gypsy Queen. I won $1,134 and then I thought I’d have a few games of bingo. All in all, I took out $1,300. So thank you very much. It’s my birthday next month and with Christmas coming up, I think I’ll buy myself some new summer clothes and maybe a nice bracelet. So once again, thanks Bingo Cafe. See ya later! ”
– Sherpa0358
nova32  won  $X,XXX  on    at  Bingo Cafe

Hi Bingo Cafe… This is just a HUGE thank you for the amazing win that I got on Lost City of Atlantis. Love the game. This is the first time that I’ve ever actually deposited real money on an online casino site and I am so glad I did. It came in really handy as I just lost my job and I wasn’t expecting much. But thank you so much! It was really, really appreciated. ”
– nova32
bear1969  won  $X,XXX  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Hi, this is bear1969 here to tell you about Bingo Cafe. Bingo, slots, mini games, and a lot of money to be won. I’ve won so many times, it just keeps getting better. I could stay home 24 hours a day and play bingo! Bingo Cafe is the place to play. Try it. You won’t be disappointed. ”
– bear1969
2broke2wait  won  a  Jackpot  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

Hi, I’m 2broke2wait. I play at Bingo Cafe. If you like to play and chat, I suggest you visit That’s where it’s at. I’ve been there a few years. Had great laughs, met great people, I’ve even hit a jackpot. And it’s great cause they pay you – not like other sites. ”
– 2broke2wait
cat3081  won  $XXX  playing  at  Bingo Cafe

[This video is private. Please sign in to view this video.] ”
– cat3081

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